Horn Research follows a few simple rules in our work: collaborate, don’t re-invent the wheel, and base everything on evidence.


Horn Research encourages an interactive approach to our work and views collaboration as critical to the success of any project we conduct. We work closely with our clients to create useful and effective methods, instruments, and reports and offer our clients substantial opportunity to provide feedback and input into all aspects of the evaluation project. We believe collaboration sets and maintains expectations and ultimately yields results which are comprehensive, reliable and relevant.

Use of Validated Instruments and Scale

Whenever possible, Horn Research recommends identifying and using instruments and scales which have been previously developed, validated and utilized. The use of these instruments and scales facilitates the development the research or evaluation process, reduces time and cost, and allows for potential comparison to other datasets. For surveys that are developed or adapted, Horn Research conducts pre-tests on local relevant sample participants to test for understandability, reliability, and validity.

Provide Evidence-Based Recommendations

Program recommendations are a vital component of any effective evaluation plan or needs assessment. Horn Research believes that recommendations should be evidence-based. Our background in gathering and analyzing data combined with our understanding of the needs, issues, and strengths of non-profits gives us a powerful base for generating changes and improvements which are sustainable and strengths-based.