Do you need a skilled group to gather the data and information to support an internal needs assessment, evaluation or planning process? Horn Research has extensive experience collecting both qualitative and quantitative data through a variety of methodologies.

Surveys We have trained and conscientious interviewers ready to conduct your telephone, in-person, mail or online surveys in a timely and efficient manner. Shortly after data collection ends, we will provide you with a clean data set complete with codebook and the analysis that is most meaningful and useful to your project.

Interviews Do you require qualitative information from clients, community members, constituents, partner organizations, staff, board members, or volunteers? Horn Research has experience conducting qualitative interviews with all of these (and other!) groups. We can provide the confidentiality interviewees want while giving your organization all the information you need.

Focus Groups Focus groups can add an extra data gathering advantage through the interaction of focus group participants. Our experience facilitating focus groups with a wide variety of constituents will ensure that key questions are answered while enabling the opportunity for the emergence of new information.

Secondary Data Data seems to be everywhere, but it can be a challenge to find and interpret. Horn Research has the expertise to find relevant data and interpret it to support your organization’s grant proposals, annual reports, and planning documents.

Analysis Have you already gathered data, but don’t know what to do with it? We can take your raw quantitative or qualitative data and turn it into usable, understandable content.

Data Management Do you have a way to store your ongoing monitoring data? Horn Research can set up a user-friendly database to provide your organization with easy reporting on your activities and outcomes.