Rigorous Methodology Design and Implementation

Our work is based on reliable methodologies which are individually tailored for each client based on program design, client composition, and program objectives. We are well-versed in developing tools and methodologies for both quantitative and qualitative data gathering and analysis. We have developed and adapted survey instruments for a wide variety of social projects. We also have extensive experience developing methods and instruments which are designed to determine whether change has been accomplished through program intervention.

Reaching Difficult to Reach Populations

Horn Research has a wide-breadth of experience working with a diverse group of constituents and participants and has significant experience in recruiting and collecting information from difficult to reach populations. We utilize various methodologies to recruit participants including going to the places they are, offering appropriate incentives, and optimizing on existing groups. We have interviewed and conducted focus groups with a variety of populations including low-income residents, homeless individuals, seniors, and unemployed workers.

Knowledge of Non-Profits

With years of experience working with and for non-profits and municipalities, Horn Research brings a level of understanding to the trials and tribulations your organization faces. We recognize the challenges your organization faces while trying to address the needs of your funders, clients, and communities. We focus our work on helping organizations address these challenges by providing you the information you need to do your job more efficiently and productively.

Functional, Useful Reporting

Horn Research is committed to providing accessible and useful reports for clients. We understand that not all readers are familiar with statistical jargon, but others may require more detailed statistical information. We create reports with clear information and charts, but which also include a more detailed layer of statistical information.