Lisa Horn, President

Lisa Horn has over 15 years of experience in social science research and is the lead investigator on all of Horn Research's projects. She has expertise in the full scope of research and evaluation activities including project management, outcome modeling, methodology design, data collection, data analysis, data management and report writing. She has wide experience in identifying and analyzing secondary data sources as well as developing and implementing processes for gathering primary data. Her skills include organizing public input through a variety of methodologies including surveys, focus groups, round tables, and interviews. Lisa is adept at gathering, analyzing and synthesizing large data sets and providing comprehensive, understandable reports. Additionally, her many professional and academic relationships allow her to support organizations’ efforts to connect with translational research opportunities and resources.

Affiliated Associates

Horn Research works hard to bring the best and brightest associates to work on projects. We gear our staffing to the specific needs of the population and topic area including (but not limited to!) experts in gerontology, poverty, mental health, child care, and housing.