The basis of any non-profit’s work should be a well-designed and thoughtful model outlining the goals and aspirations of programming. This road map guides a non-profit’s activities and ensures a process for knowing when and whether they are reaching their goals. Horn Research has the experience and knowledge to facilitate a comprehensive modeling process that results in the development and alignment of an overarching vision of success, program level outcome goals, and indicators to measure achievement. We work with organizations to move beyond output based evaluation and take hazy notions of “what we’re trying to accomplish” and turn them into concrete indicators to measure program effectiveness and community impact.

A vital facet of any program development process is the ability to gather on-going feedback to make appropriate adjustments in service delivery as well as the structure to gather data to determine impact and outcomes. A successful evaluation plan will provide staff with a strong foundation to develop long-range program goals and create a sustainability plan for their programs. Utilizing the key themes, goals, outcomes, and indicators developed through the modeling process, Horn Research will work with your organization to create a comprehensive evaluation monitoring plan and structure.