Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County

Horn Research conducted an assessment of homelessness and housing needs for the Tompkins County area in 2021-2022. The project was designed to assess the overall need for housing for unhoused individuals in Tompkins County, and the types of housing and support services most suited to the need. The methodology included a review of information from Tompkins County’s HMIS, the Point in Time (PIT) counts, the Housing Inventory Count (HIC), Annual Performance Reports (APR), System Performance Measures (SPM), Census data, and other community assessments. Qualitative interviews were conducted with community stakeholders and people with lived experience with homelessness, including those who were currently or recently unhoused.

Batiste Leadership Collaboration

Horn Research partnered with Batiste Leadership on several projects (2019-2022), including an Assessment of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity within Organizational Functions for the Food Bank of the Southern Tier (FBST), an analysis of an employee culture survey for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, and a department and community capacity analysis for the Becoming the Population Health Strategist: Strategic Plan & Leadership project with the Tompkins County Health Department.

Family & Children’s Services of Ithaca

In 2022, Horn Research provided data collection, analysis, and reporting services for Family & Children’s Services’ employee survey. The data collection included providing an online survey instrument and management of the initial and follow-up invitations to participate. The analysis included statistical tests to determine differences in responses between groups and systematic coding of qualitative data for themes. The report was structured to provide both detailed data tables and easy to read graphs and charts as well as synthesized narratives by topic area.

Tompkins County NY Government

Horn Research has worked with Tompkins County’s Health Department, Office for the Aging, and Youth Services in various capacities over the years. In 2019, we assisted the Health Department with their Community Health Assessment by analyzing community survey data, conducting interviews with stakeholders, and holding community focus groups.

Also in 2019, we assisted the Office for the Aging in their Senior Needs Assessment by developing their community survey and analyzing the data gathered.

We have provided data support to the Youth Services Department over several years with their bi-annual Student Life & Culture Survey.

Food Bank of the Southern Tier

Horn Research has conducted several evaluation projects for the Food Bank of the Southern Tier including program evaluations of their Mobile Food Pantry and their BackPack Program, an assessment of senior food insecurity in their region, a comprehensive assessment and analysis of their network of food pantries, and a detailed assessment of underserved populations. Each of these projects used a mixed methodology approach of surveys, interviews, focus groups, and secondary data mining.

Several of the recommendations provided through these projects have been successfully implemented by the Food Bank to improve access and increase food security.

Community Foundation for South Central NY

Horn Research has completed three projects for CFSCNY over the years. An initial Regional Needs Assessment mined secondary data and available reports coupled with qualitative feedback from stakeholders to identify key needs and gaps, priorities, and recommendations for funding strategies.

A second project explored the feasibility of implementing an Employer Resource Network in a health car setting.

In 2019, Horn Research conducted a follow-up study to the initial needs assessment focused on the region’s challenges with looming leadership gaps and issues related to diversity, inclusion and equity.

Health Services Advisory Group

Horn Research has worked with HSAG for several years on their External Quality Review of New Hampshire’s Medicaid program. We conduct bi-annual qualitative studies by interviewing New Hampshire Medicaid beneficiaries.

Horn Research also assisted HSAG on a study examining the prior authorization process in New Hampshire Medicaid and analyzed qualitative data for a study of infant mortality in Ohio.

Washington Univ. School of Medicine

Horn Research conducted a child and dependent care survey of the faculty of the Washington University School of Medicine.

The report included several recommendations for improving access to both child and dependent care.

Child Development Council of Tompkins County

Horn Research has assisted the Child Development Council of Tompkins and Cortland County in conducting their child care needs assessment in 2014 and 2016 including survey development, data analysis, and reporting.

Park Foundation

In 2017, Horn Research conducted an extensive assessment of child nutrition in Tompkins County for the Park Foundation. The project included an comprehensive evaluation of the resources, needs, and gaps and included surveys of children and parents, qualitative interviews and focus groups with stakeholders, school staff, students, and parents. The results of the projects continue to be used to inform policy and funding decisions. Additionally, we worked with Park to develop a monitoring and evaluation plan for programs funded as a result of the study.

Chenango County NY

In 2019, Horn Research assisted the Chenango County Public Health Department and Chenango Memorial Hospital to conduct their Community Health Assessment. The project included collecting & analyzing healthcare data; collaborating with community partners; identifying Prevention Agenda priorities and health disparities; coordinating and conducting focus groups and key stakeholder interviews around the priorities and disparities; writing the full Community Health Assessment document and Community Health Improvement Plan.

State of Vermont

In 2013, Horn Research conducted a qualitative evaluation of the PACE Vermont program for the Agency for Human Services which included interviews with state and federal staff, former PACE staff and contractors, community stakeholders, and former clients and family members.

From 2016-2017, Horn Research conducted an evaluation of Vermont’s FirstSchool Pilot project which included analysis of various program data sources and qualitative information from site visits and trainings.

Other Projects

  • Tompkins County Minimum Wage/Living Wage Study, Tompkins County Workers’ Center
  • Salary & Benefits Survey 2003-2019, Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County
  • Hunger & Food Insecurity in Tompkins County, United Way of Tompkins County
  • COMPASS II and COMPASS II-2.0 – Asset and Needs Assessment of Tompkins County, United Way of Tompkins County & Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County
  • Increased Coordination and Accessibility for Anti-Poverty Services, Catholic Charities of Tompkins and Tioga Counties

  • Evaluation of US Medical Assistance Program, Americares, Inc. (Finch Network)
  • Medicaid/Medicare Dually Eligible Focus Groups, Vermont Agency for Human Services (Finch Network)
  • Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative, City Harvest (Finch Network)
  • Melrose Mobile Market Evaluation, City Harvest (Finch Network)